Friday 9 December 2016
Friday of the 2nd week of Advent 
 or Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin 
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Activation from iPhone

On Windows, the program you download gives you the full Universalis features for a one-month trial period. To make it work for ever, you need to activate it.

This page tells you how to activate the Windows program by using the Universalis application for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The procedure is straightforward: the Windows program asks you to type in a code that's displayed at the bottom of a particular page on the iPhone. Here is what you have to do. You don't need an active Internet connection.

  1. Start the downloaded Universalis on your PC.


  2. In the downloaded Universalis program you have opened, open the Options menu. To do this, press the F2 key or click on the downward-pointing triangle at the top left of the Universalis window.


  3. In the Options menu, select the "About Universalis" command.

  4. In the About Universalis window, press the button marked "Activate" or "Enter registration code".


  5. Look at the window that's asking for the registration code, and make a note of the date that is shown at the bottom of the window. For example, 28-Oct-2014.
  6. Leave the window open. This is important because if you close the window and open it again, it may ask about a different date.
  7. On your iPhone/iPod/iPad: Open Universalis and go to the date that you've noted (for example, 28 October 2014). Do not select today's date. Do not select 28 October 2014 (it was only an example). On the iPhone and iPod, you do this by going to the calendar display and tapping on the date picker icon at the top right. On the iPad, you can use the date picker that you see at the bottom of the calendar display.
  8. On your iPhone/iPod/iPad: Now you need to get out of the calendar display. On the iPad, this is automatic; on the iPhone and iPod Touch, press the "Read" button at the top right.
  9. On your iPhone/iPod/iPad: You need the About Today page. If the page you see is not About Today, press the "Hour" button at the top right and select "About Today" from the list.
  10. On your iPhone/iPod/iPad: Scroll down to the bottom of the About Today page. You will see a message that tells you a registration code. The code will be a mixture of letters and numbers.
  11. Back on your Windows system, in the window you left open, enter the code that was displayed by the iPhone. It won't be F9F-5AA-3FA: that was only an example. Don't enter any hyphens or other punctuation. They are only there to make it easier for you to read the code.
  12. Press the OK button once to close the Enter Registration Code window.
  13. Press the OK button to close the About Universalis window.

There is no need to make a note of this synthetic registration code. If you ever need to re-register your copy - perhaps because your computer crashed and you had to reinstall everything - then you will need an iPhone/iPod/iPad with Universalis on it so that you can go through this procedure again.

If the registration code isn't accepted, check that the date you're viewing on the iPhone is the same as the date that your registration page is asking for. Also check that your system has the right idea of what date it is today. Big computers usually do, but a palmtop whose battery has run down completely can sometimes find itself back in 2005 without you noticing.

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