Monday 5 December 2016
Monday of the 2nd week of Advent 
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If you have already bought the Universalis app

If you have already bought the Universalis application from the App Store then you do not need to pay again if you want to install it on another device that you own.

(If you have already bought a Universalis registration code from our web site, read this page instead).

One iTunes account, multiple devices

Apple's policy is that if you buy an application from the App Store, it is available to every device that shares the same iTunes account.

All the advice on this page is from our own experience of iTunes. If you need to know anything more, please look at the help files for iTunes or contact Apple directly. The delivery and installation of apps from the App Store is Apple's responsilbility and we have no control or influence over the process.

Method 1: using iTunes

If you have bought the Universalis app through iTunes on your computer, it will be visible in iTunes. To find it, look in the left-hand bar in iTunes, and you will see "Apps" near the top:

If you look in the Apps page, you should see Universalis listed there.

Now plug in your device and wait for it to finish synchronizing.

Universalis may appear on your device as a result of this sync. If it does, ignore the rest of this page! If not, continue reading...

Your device will appear under "Devices" in the left-hand bar. Click on it, and when the page changes, you will see a list of headings across the top of the page. Click on "Apps":

iTunes will show you a list of available applications:

Make sure that "Sync Apps" is ticked, and that "Universalis" is ticked also.

Press the "Sync" or "Apply" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the iTunes window, and Universalis will be installed on your new device.

All these pictures are from iTunes 10.2.2 on the Mac. Windows versions will look different.

Method 2: using the App Store

  1. Visit the App Store on your new device.
  2. Make sure you are using the same iTunes account that you used when you originally purchased the Universalis app.
  3. Find the Universalis app in the App Store, and buy it.

The App Store will detect that you have already bought the Universalis app and will not charge you a second time.

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