Universalis e-books

A Universalis e-book contains the Liturgy of the Hours and the readings at Mass for every day in a given period.

You can get Universalis e-books in both ePub and Kindle format. The ePub format is the industry standard; the Kindle format is used only by the Amazon Kindle e-readers and apps.

Why get an e-book?

You can get it on your e-book reader – such as a Kindle or a Nook.

You don’t need the Internet – each e-book is self-contained.

You get better translations – because some translations can’t be used on the Web.

The Mass Today page is available –  this merges the Order of Mass with the readings and prayers for the day, so you can follow the Mass right through without having to jump here and there in a missal.

Should I get an e-book or an app?

Apps are better than e-books because an e-book covers a fixed period and an app goes on for ever. Moreover, the layout is better and there are more options. Moreover, an app lasts for ever whereas each e-book covers only a year or a month at a time.

Apps are available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, Android, Windows, and the Mac. If you have one of these, get an app. You can read about Universalis apps here.

E-book readers such as the Kindle and the Nook can’t run apps. So if you have one of these, get an e-book.

We don’t do apps for phones using Windows Phone or most kinds of Blackberry. E-book reader software exists for these phones. So get the sortware and then get an e-book.

How do I get an e-book?

Ready-made e-books: we sell selected e-books in Kindle format directly through Amazon. They cover a full year of readings at Mass, or half a year of the Liturgy of the Hours. When the year or half-year runs out, you buy a new e-book.

The full catalogue is here. Amazon offer free samples of every e-book they sell.

Make your own e-book: this is a little more cumbersome and needs a bit of setting up, but it gives you much more flexibility to choose your own calendar and make your own choice of Hours. In the long run it’s cheaper as well, because although you need to buy a Universalis registration code costing £19.99 (about $32 or €28), the code lasts for ever and you never need to pay again. We offer free trials of everything, so you don’t need to pay for a code until you’re sure it is right for you.

Make your own Kindle e-book from our web site – Amazon send the e-book directly to your Kindle.

Make your own Kindle e-book from your computer.

Make your own ePub e-book from your computer.

Please note that the e-books you create are for your private use only and must not be given or distributed to other people.