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“God commands all Christians to bring forth the fruits of devotion, each according to their kind.”

St Francis de Sales

Universalis Publishing was started in 1995 with the aim of harnessing computer technology to help in enriching the spiritual life of Christians, specifically by making the liturgical and devotional resources of the Catholic Church available on the new electronic media.

Projects are under way to make both the Missal and the Breviary available for use on personal computers. The aim is not to replace the printed versions of these works - we do not envisage a church congregation devoutly pressing the “Next Page” button on its PCs - but to widen the use of their contents. A travelling businessman is unlikely to be carrying a breviary, a missal, or a prayer-book, but will certainly have a portable computer; a young person used to life in cyberspace is unlikely to know how to open a book but may secretly be glad to tap into the prayer life of the Church when no-one is looking.

Visitors to the Universalis Web site include priests, laity, the young and the old. They come from all denominations: some have not heard of the Breviary before; some cannot afford the books; and some are blind and cannot use them. The users of Universalis retrieve over 40,000 pages a week from the site.

The core content of the Universalis site is now also available through mobile telephones that support the new WAP protocol for information retrieval.

Martin Kochanski.

Martin Kochanski is the founder of Universalis. Educated by the Benedictines of Downside Abbey, England, he is a computer software publisher and a writer. The software he has produced includes Cardbox, an information retrieval package that has been widely praised for its power and ease of use.

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