Free one-month trial

The App Store doesn't allow free trials of applications, but we've worked out a way round this restriction so that you can try the Universalis content for a month and see if it is what you really want.

1. Get Catholic Calendar

It's free. Click on the badge below; or search for "Catholic Calendar" in iTunes or the App Store app.

AppStore link

2. "Buy" a month

Open the app.

  1. Look in the calendar.
  2. Each month heading has a Buy button in it.
  3. Find the month you want, and press Buy.
  4. Look at what the next page says. It should be telling you that your purchase is free.
  5. Press the button, and you will have your chosen month.

What to do next

Once you've decided you like what Universalis gives you, you have a choice. You can carry on buying one month at a time, or you can buy the whole thing all at once.