Catholic Calendar

See also the main instructions for the Universalis family.

The difference between the Catholic Calendar application and the Universalis application is that Catholic Calendar is free and Universalis costs money. This means that Universalis can contain copyright material and Catholic Calendar can't.

Catholic Calendar gives you:

You can use "in-app purchase" to buy, very cheaply, the full Universalis content, one month at a time. This gives you:

Using the calendar screen

The calendar screen works just as it does in the Universalis application, with a few extras. Days on which you can read the Liturgy of the Hours pages have a pale yellow background to highlight them. Days on which there is About Today information have an arrow next to them. And if you have a day where there is nothing at all to be seen (no pages, no About Today), tapping on that day will do nothing.

In-app purchase

To buy the content for a month, view a part of the calendar that includes that month. Next to the month name, you'll see a small red "Buy" button. Tap the button and follow the instructions.

The purchase itself is handled by Apple through the App Store, using your iTunes account. You don't have to give us your credit card number.

Your first purchase is free.