Frequently asked questions

I bought a registration code from you but I've lost it

Send us an email and as soon as we're open again we'll look you up in the database and let you know your code.

I bought Universalis on the iPhone and now I need a registration code

There used to be an ingenious mechanism that let you activate Universalis on (for example) Windows by looking up a code in the About Today page on the Universalis app on the iPhone. This mechanism doesn't exist any more. It was too ingenious to live.

Now, if you want Universalis to move beyond your iPhone, you have to buy a registration code. But the good news is that because you've got the Universalis app you can buy the registration code very cheaply. Here are the instructions you need.

Other licensing questions

Here is a complete licensing guide, with all the permutations.

Where can I download Universalis for 2013?

This question is ambiguous and the answer depends on what you mean.

If you mean "I have the Universalis app / the Universalis program and I want it to carry on working after 31 December", the answer is do nothing. We don't sell "Universalis for 2012" or "Universalis for 2013", we sell Universalis. It covers every year from the distant past to the distant future and there is nothing to buy each year.

On the other hand, you might mean "I have created a Universalis e-book for 2012 on my computer and I have put it on my Nook / Kindle / Sony Reader: what do I do to get 2013". In that case, the answer is do what you did last year. The instructions are here, to remind you.

Because a year has passed since last year, and the program has been being updated over those 12 months, we do suggest that you download and install the latest version of the program for Mac or Windows before you make your e-book.