Licensing FAQ

Apps and programs

There are Universalis apps and programs for:

Android (& Fire) · iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch · Mac · Windows

For other systems, such as e-book readers and Windows phones, you can create Universalis e-books.

Why use one?

There are better translations than on the web site. This is because the owners of some of the texts we use do not allow them to appear on web sites.

There are no date limits. You can go as far into the future as you want – or into the past.

Better layout and more flexibility.

You don't need the Internet. The apps are self-contained. They have everything you need, for all time.

The “Mass Today” page. This merges the Order of Mass with the readings and prayers for the day, so you can follow the Mass right through without having to jump here and there through a missal.

A daily email service. This sends you the Hours you want, every day, by email.

How much does it cost?

You can buy a single app for Android for between £9.99 (about $12.50 or €11.50). You get it from Google Play or Amazon, and one purchase covers all your compatible Android devices. No subscription is needed.

You can buy a single app for iOS for £10.99 / $10.99 / €10.99. The Android app will work on all Android devices and the iOS app will work on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. No subscription is needed.

OR you can get a monthly subscription on either Android or iOS. In this case the app is free and the subscription costs £0.79-0.99 a month (about $0.99 or €0.99). There is a one-month free trial.

OR get a Universalis registration code, which covers Mac and Windows as well as Android and iOS. No subscription is needed, and you only need one registration code to cover all your devices and systems. The registration code costs £19.99 (about $24.50 or €23.00). A registration code also lets you create e-books.

How to buy

Android (& Fire) · iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch · Mac · Windows · Registration code

All the apps and programs have a one-month free trial before you need to pay. See the individual pages for details.