Making yourself a Kindle e-book

Each Universalis e-book gives you your chosen hours for every day in your chosen period. Each hour is complete in itself, so you don't have to flick backwards and forwards as you do in a printed book.

You can make an e-book covering up to a year at a time. It will contain whatever Universalis pages you want and it will be tailored to your local calendar.

The e-book you make will work on any Kindle. It will also work on any other device which is not a Kindle but runs Amazon's Kindle app. For instance, this is what you do if you have an Android phone whose version of Android is too old for the Universlais app itself.

Alternatives to creating your own e-book

If you have a modern Kindle Fire or a Kindle Fire HD, don't bother with e-books. Get the Universalis app instead!

You can buy ready-made Universalis e-books from Amazon. They cover a year or half a year each. When one runs out, you buy another. The full catalogue is here.

Two ways of creating an e-book

  1. You can install the Universalis program on your computer, create a Universalis e-book that way, and transfer it to your Kindle.
  2. You can visit our web site and send a Universalis e-book directly to your Kindle using Amazon's "Personal Documents" service.

Instructions: using your computer

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Download and install the Universalis program, if you haven’t got it already.
  2. Use the program to create an e-book for a week, a month, or a year at a time.
  3. Connect your Kindle to your computer, using the cable which came with your Kindle.
  4. Tell the program to save the e-book onto your Kindle.

Here are detailed instructions for the Mac.

Here are detailed instructions for Windows.

Instructions: using our web site

You can send Universalis e-books directly to the Kindle using our web site, using Amazon’s "Personal Documents" service. This works both for the Kindle itself and for Amazon’s Kindle apps on other devices.

This service requires a bit of setting up, and it can’t do year-long e-books, but some people find it simpler than using their computer.

Visit the site and create an e-book now!


The e-books cost you nothing once you have the Universalis program.

Free trial – after you install the Universalis program you have a month‘s free trial. This means you can create e-books for the month of installation and the month after that.

Registration code – to make the program work, and create e-books, without any time limits at all, you need a Universalis registration code. If you already have a registration code, use it again: you don’t need to buy a new one. Otherwise the price of a registration code is:

Please note that the e-books you create are for your private use only and must not be given or distributed to other people.