The Universalis program has two main screens to it.

The text screen shows the text of the page you want. Read about it here.

The calendar screen shows the calendar, listing days, dates and feasts. Read about it here.

The calendar screen

This shows you an extract from the liturgical calendar:


Selecting a date

You can scroll through the list of dates to find the one you want. Click once on it, and the text screen will show the pages for that date. If you double-click, the calendar screen will close.

The month calendar at the top may be more convenient if you want to go a long distance.

You can get back to today by pressing the "Go to Today" button.

Your local calendar

The name of the local calendar you are using is at the top of the screen.

To choose a different local calendar, press the "Change local calendar" button below the list of dates.

The Office and Mass of the Dead

To see these, press the "Special..." button above the list of dates.