Using a registration code

If you have already bought a registration code from us, you can have the full Universalis content on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without having to pay again.

1. Get Catholic Calendar

It's free. Click on the button below.

AppStore link

Step 2. Enter your registration code

You need to be connected to the Web for this step to work.

Open Catholic Calendar and go to the About page. Here is how to do this.


Press the "Purchases" button at the bottom, and you will see a long web page. Scroll down to the bottom of it and you'll see something like this:


Tap on the "Enter Registration Code" button, and enter your registration code. You don't need to enter the hyphens, so if your code is 123-456-789, just type 123456789.

If the registration code is correct, Catholic Calendar will download a file from our web site. Once the file has been downloaded, your Catholic Calendar application will behave just like the full Universalis that is purchased from the App Store.

There is only one minor difference: