Registration codes

Instructions for downloading the Universalis program are here.

When you first install the Universalis program on Windows its coverage is limited to two months (the month in which you installed it, and the month after). Outside this time it gives you just the calendar, plus the About Today and Order of Mass pages.

You can remove all restrictions from the program by entering a registration code.

You can read about how to get a registration code here.

Entering the registration code

  1. Start the downloaded Universalis program on your PC.


  2. In the downloaded Universalis program you have opened, open the Options menu. To do this, click on the downward-pointing triangle at the top left of the Universalis window; or press the F2 key.


  3. In the Options menu you have opened, select the "About Universalis" command.


  4. The About Universalis window will open. Press the button marked "Activate" or "Enter registration code".
  5. Type the 9-digit registration code without hyphens or other punctuation. For example, if the code is 123-456-789, enter 123456789.
  6. Press the OK button once to close the Enter Registration Code window.
  7. Press the OK button to close the About Universalis window.

Your copy of the Universalis program for Windows is now activated and has no time limits.