Buying a registration code

Question: Have you already downloaded and installed the Universalis program for Mac or Windows, or the free Catholic Calendar app for Android or iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch?

Answer: YES.

Question: Have you already tried it out and are you happy with all its features?

Answer: YES.

Question: Are you happy with the translations it offers, and any local calendars?

Answer: YES.

Question: If you want to use Universalis to create e-books, have you created an e-book with it and read it successfully on your e-book reader?

Answer: YES (or don't want e-books).

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A Universalis registration code costs £19.99. In May 2012 this was approximately $33 or €25.

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What happens next

  1. Pressing the Buy Now button takes you to the WorldPay site.
  2. WorldPay will ask you for your credit card details and verify them with your card issuer.
  3. In some cases your card issuer will pop up a screen asking you to confirm your identity.

We never see your credit card details. They are taken by WorldPay and checked by your card issuer.

Once the purchase is complete, you will be taken back to our site, to a page showing you your new registration code. We'll also send you an invoice by email, acknowledging payment and confirming your code.

Email and spam filters: If you block emails from our address then you will not receive the email confirming your registration code. If you don't get the confirmation email then please contact us (using the link at the bottom right of this page) and we'll send it to you again. But do make sure your spam filter doesn't eat our reply as well!

Mistyped email address: If you mistype your own email address then you will not receive the purchase confirmation email or your registration code. You will have the registration code anyway, because the confirmation screen will show it to you; but please email us and let us know about the mistake so that we can correct it for future reference.

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