Free trial

We want you to be sure about Universalis before you buy it. Here is how to try everything out for a month before you have to think about purchasing anything.

1. Install Catholic Calendar for iPhone/iPad

The Catholic Calendar app is free.

AppStore link

2. Start your free trial

Some pages in Catholic Calendar are free, such as “About Today”.

As soon as you go to a page which not free, such as “Readings at Mass”, Catholic Calendar will automatically start your free trial for you.

3. Try it for a month

Catholic Calendar, during its free trial period, works just like Universalis. Use it as much as you like.

4. At the end of the month

By the time your free trial has come to an end, we hope that you will want to carry on.

The Universalis app (recommended)

We recommend that you buy the Universalis app. This saves you money in the long run. Once you have bought Universalis you won’t need Catholic Calendar any more.

Buy for £9.99 ($9.99 or €9.99). You will be told the exact price before you are asked to pay.

AppStore link

Monthly subscription

Catholic Calendar will also offer you a monthly subscription. This costs around £0.89 per month (you will be told the exact amount before you subscribe). The subscription costs less than buying the Universalis app would, but of course the subscription goes on for ever while the Universalis app is a single purchase. That is why we recommend buying Universalis.

Android, Mac, Windows?

If you also want Universalis on an Android device, or on a computer, then a registration code is the thing to buy. A registration code costs £19.99 (about $25.00 or €23.00) and it works on Android and iPhone/iPad and Mac and Windows. You can use one and the same registration code everywhere because it belongs to you rather than to any particular machine. It may save you money and it will always give you extra flexibility for the future.

You can read all about registration codes here. If you aren’t sure yet if you want one, just get the Universalis app for now: if you want the code later then we’ll adjust the price so you don’t lose out.