Daily Books

As well as the normal Universalis content, we now offer you the possibility of reading some additional books in instalments, as part of any of the Universalis pages.

New feature: The name “Daily Books” isn’t fully accurate any more because you can read a book in weekly instalments as well as daily ones. For instance, you could decide to read “The Mass in Slow Motion” on Sundays after the Readings at Mass page.


Because the instalment format is a perfect discipline. It gives one enough to chew over for each day. It also means that a book won’t be rushed through to get it over with, or abandoned and left unfinished.

Which books?

The list is growing. At the time this page was written, it included the following:

Free books

How to set it up

In the menu of the Universalis program for Windows, select the command File > Daily Books.

This shows what books you are already reading, and how far you have got through them.

To choose a book, double-click on it. You will see full details about the book and a box marked “Read this book”. If you decide you want to read this book, turn that box ON, and this is what you will see:

You can now choose which page you want this book to be part of, and whether you want to read it daily or weekly. The possible settings are:

How it works

Each book instalment is preceded by a toolbar that looks like this:

This lets you go back and forward, and the button in the middle lists all the book’s chapters.

There is another similar toolbar at the bottom.