Note: These are the instructions for the previous version of Universalis and Catholic Calendar. If you do not see a Illustration button at the top left of the main screen then you are using the latest version and you should follow this link.

If you can see a clock symbol Illustration at the top right-hand corner of your screen, you are using an older version of Universalis, and you should follow this link.

The main screen

The main screen shows the text of the chosen Hour (or other page, such as Readings at Mass).

To view another Hour, tap on the name of the Hour at the top of the screen. A list of available pages will appear.

To view another date or to view the calendar as a whole, tap the button at the top left: Illustration.

To change the size of the text, double-tap on it. Each double-tap will make the text bigger until the maximum size is reached. Then it will go small again. You can also triple-tap on the text to get to a default size. (More size options are available on the Fonts screen).

Some pages have options within the text, such as optional memorials, invitatory psalms, or multiple choices for the Penitential Rite and the Creed. The options are indicated by a menu button on the right-hand side of the page. Tap the button to see the available options.

Other screens and settings

The Calendar screen (Illustration, full instructions) shows you the complete calendar and lets you go to any date you want. It also lets you choose which local calendar you want to use. In Catholic Calendar, it also lets you buy one month's worth of Universalis content at a time.

To see the following buttons, make sure you are viewing the main screen, not the calendar. Tap in the middle of the screen. Tap just once. The buttons will appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

The About Universalis screen (, full instructions) tells you what version of the app you have and acknowledges all copyrights. In the Universalis app, it also lets you buy a registration code at a discount; in Catholic Calendar, it lets you enter a registration code to give access to the entire Universalis content.

The Print screen () lets you print the current page if you have a suitable printer which works with AirPrint.

The Settings screen (, full instructions) lets you set which translations you want to use, whether to show parallel languages, and so on. It also lets you set up the daily email service and add Universalis entries to the calendar on your iOS device.

The Fonts screen (, full instructions) lets you set the font to use for the text. You can change the size of the font (including enormous sizes if you are partially sighted), you can change the brightness of the screen or switch it to a white-on-black "night mode", and you can choose between displaying the text page by page or as one long scrollable page.