Saturday 23 October 2021    (other days)
Saturday of week 29 in Ordinary Time 
 or Saint John of Capistrano, Priest 
 or Saturday memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Bookmarking your pages

The page addresses ("URLs") used within Universalis can get quite complicated, by the time you have included a location in them. To save typing, all the main Web browsers allow you to store addresses so that you only need a single click to use them. This process is often called "bookmarking".

Netscape: Right-click on a link, then select "Add bookmark" from the menu that pops up. Alternatively, click on the link, and then, when the page has appeared, select "Add" from the Bookmarks menu.

Microsoft Internet Explorer uses the term "Favorite Places" instead of "Bookmarks". See the documentation or on-line help for details of how to set them up.

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