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Midday Prayer (Sext)

O God, come to our aid.
  O Lord, make haste to help us.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Amen. Alleluia.

Lord God and Maker of all things,
Creation is upheld by you.
While all must change and know decay,
You are unchanging, always new.
You are man’s solace and his shield,
His Rock secure on which to build.
You are the spirit’s tranquil home,
In you alone is hope fulfilled.
To God the Father and the Son
And Holy Spirit render praise:
Blest Trinity, from age to age
The strength of all our living days.
Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal

Psalm 118(119): 97-104

Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.
Lord, how I love your law!
  I ponder it all day long.
Your teachings have made me wise,
  far above my enemies:
  your law is mine for ever.
I am wiser than all my teachers,
  because I ponder your teachings.
I am wiser than the elders
  because I have followed your precepts.
I have kept my feet away from evil paths
  to obey your commandments.
I have not fallen away from your decrees,
  for you have given me a law to live by.
Sweet to the taste are your promises,
  sweeter than honey in my mouth.
Your precepts have given me wisdom
  and I hate the path of deception.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.

Psalm 73 (74)
Lament over the ruined Temple

Why, God, have you rejected us so finally?
  Why this rage against the sheep of your flock?
Remember those you have gathered,
  those who were yours from the beginning.
The stock you redeemed to be your own possession;
  the mountain of Zion, where you chose to dwell.
Turn your steps towards the final devastation:
  the enemy has laid waste the sanctuary.
Those who hate you have roared
  in the midst of your flock.
They have set up their emblems,
  taking the place of your own.
They have raised their axes high,
  hewing the wood.
With hatchets and axes
  they have hewn down the doors.
They set fire to the sanctuary,
  profaned and trampled your tabernacle.
They said to themselves, ‘Let us crush them
  once and for all.’
They burned to the ground
  every shrine of God in the land.
Our emblems have vanished,
  our prophets are gone,
  and none of us knows any more.
How long, O God, will the enemy deride?
  Will he insult your name forever?
Why do you keep your hand away?
  Why do you fold your arms?
God is our king since the beginning,
  he has given us help throughout the earth.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.

Psalm 73 (74)

You divided the sea with your power,
  you smashed the heads of dragons in the water.
You smashed the head of Leviathan
  and fed him to the sea-monsters.
You opened up springs and torrents
  but dried up rivers that had flowed for ever.
Yours is the day and the night:
  you made the sun and the other lights.
You fixed the bounds of the earth,
  you created both summer and winter.
Remember all this:
  and now the enemy mocks you
  and a foolish people despises your name.
Do not give to the beasts
  the lives of those who proclaim you.
Do not forget forever
  the lives of your poor.
Think of your covenant –
  every cave in the land is a refuge for the violent.
Let the humble not return ashamed:
  the poor and the destitute will praise your name.
Rise up, O God, and judge your own cause!
  Remember the insults you have received
  all day long, from fools.
Do not forget the sound of your enemies’ voices:
  their noise, growing louder.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Scripture Reading
(1 Peter 3:21-22) ©
Now you are saved by baptism. This is not the washing off of physical dirt but a pledge made to God from a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has entered heaven and is at God’s right hand.

℣. The disciples rejoiced, alleluia.
℟. When they saw the Lord, alleluia.

Let us pray.
God our Father,
  you open the gates of the kingdom of heaven
  to those who are born again of water and the Holy Spirit
Increase the grace you have given,
  so that the people you have purified from all sin
  may not forfeit the promised blessings of your love.
Through Christ our Lord.

Let us praise the Lord.
– Thanks be to God.

The psalms and canticles here are our own translation from the Latin. The Grail translation of the psalms, which is used liturgically in most of the English-speaking world, cannot be displayed on the Web for copyright reasons. The Universalis apps and programs do contain the Grail translation of the psalms.

You can also view this page in Latin and English.

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