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Known bug

Universalis Automatic calendar

If you have installed Universalis (or Catholic Calendar) on a new iOS 6 device, the Universalis Automatic Calendar setting will not work. It will work if you already have Universalis (or Catholic Calendar) on IOS 5 and then upgrade to iOS 6.

This bug has been corrected in Version 1.88 of the applications. The corrected version was submitted to the App Store on 26 November 2012 and will be available for download as soon as Apple have reviewed and approved it. The App Store application on your device will let you know when your updates are ready for download.

Removed feature

We introduced an "Automatic Rotation Lock" feature in Universalis (and Catholic Calendar) a couple of years ago, so that you could lie in bed reading the Hours on your phone and the screen would not irritate you by rotating itself when you didn't want it to.

Apple eventually introduced their own rotation lock into iOS. In the latest versions of iOS, they have also changed the way that rotations are handled in such a way that our own automatic rotation lock has stopped working. Accordingly, we have now removed this feature from the Universalis settings.

To use the rotation lock in iOS, double-click on the Home button, and when the row of icons appears at the bottom of the screen, slide it to the right. The rotation lock will then be the button at the far bottom left.

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