Buying a registration code

Question: Have you already downloaded and installed the Universalis program for Mac or Windows, or the free Catholic Calendar app for Android or iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch?

Answer: YES.

Question: Have you already tried it out and are you happy with all its features?

Answer: NO.

If you haven't tried it out, please do. And if you are planning to use it to create e-books, please create an e-book with it.

If some feature is missing or not what you want, it won't suddenly appear when you enter a registration code. Do not buy a registration code. Contact us instead.

About trial periods

All the free downloads have a trial period associated with them. It may be one month, or two months, or some other amount of time.

You can still try out the program even outside the trial period. And you should. For instance, if you installed the Windows program on 15 May 2012, it will always be able to show you all the content for May and June 2012, even years afterwards. That gives you 61 days' worth of Universalis content for you to look at, to check whether you want it or not.

Returns policy