Kindle (Windows): 2. Creation

With the Universalis program open, use the command File > Create e-book. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Universalis will ask you what e-book format you want.
    • Choose Kindle if you are going to transfer the e-book to your Kindle by connecting it directly.
    • Choose ePub if you are going to email the e-book to Amazon for them to install it wirelessly on your Kindle.
  2. Then it will ask you what dates you want to cover in your e-book, and what pages you want for each day.
  3. Finally, Universalis will create the e-book you have asked for.

How long the creation takes depends on the size of the e-book. If you are doing a whole year at once, the e-book file could take ten minutes or more to create.

When the e-book is ready, this is what you will see:


The next step

3. Getting the e-book onto your Kindle