Universalis e-books

A Universalis e-book contains the Liturgy of the Hours and the readings at Mass for every day in a given period.

You can get Universalis e-books in both ePub and Kindle format. The ePub format is the industry standard; the Kindle format is used only by the Amazon Kindle e-readers and apps.

Why get an e-book?

Should I get an app instead?

Yes, if you can.

Universalis apps and programs exist for:

Android (& Fire) · iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch · Mac · Windows

For e-book readers, such as the Kobo, Nook or Amazon Kindle, you’ll need an e-book because they can’t run apps. For systems such as Windows Phone or Blackberry, a Universalis app doesn’t exist but you can use an e-reader app to read e-books.

How do I get an e-book?

Instructions for Amazon Kindle format.

Instructions for ePub format (all e-book readers other than the Amazon Kindle).

Please note that the e-books you create are for your private use only and must not be given or distributed to other people.