Kindle e-books from our web site

This page lets you create your own e-book for your Amazon Kindle. The e-book will contain the Universalis pages for a whole month and it will be installed automatically onto your Kindle by Amazon. If you have a registration code then you can also create an e-book for half a year at a time (the one-year e-books are too big for Amazon to handle).

How much it costs

We don't charge you per book and we don't charge a subscription.

Amazon don’t charge you to deliver the e-book to your Kindle by wi-fi.


Delivery to a Kindle is Amazon's service, not ours. But if nothing arrives on your Kindle after a while, have a look here for some suggestions.

If you have a Universalis registration code

If you have a Universalis registration code, please enter it here. About registration codes and how to buy them.

Registration code:
(The registration code is 9 digits: for instance, 123-456-789. You don't need to enter the hyphens.)

One-month free trial

If you haven't got a registration code, you can try our Kindle e-book service free for a month.

Every Kindle device (and Kindle reader program) has an email address of its own, assigned to it by Amazon. Please enter that address here. You don't need to type the @kindle.com suffix yourself: we'll add it automatically.

(Not sure of your device's @kindle.com address? Here is how to find it.)