Free services

If you have a web site, please see our page "Free Services for Webmasters".

Catholic Calendar downloads

If you want just the liturgical calendar, with notes on the saints and feasts, every one of the Universalis apps and downloads will do this. They all give a free trial period of the full Liturgy of the Hours and Mass readings, but once the free trial is over, they will still give you the calendar and the “About Today” pages.

Android · iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch · Mac · Windows

QR codes

Sample QR codeIn printed material (newsletters or even posters) you can include a “QR code” with a link to Universalis. People with suitable phones can point their cameras at the code and be taken straight to (for example) today’s readings at Mass.

Here is an article about creating QR codes.

RSS/blog feeds

If you are using a feed reader to follow blogs, you can get some Universalis content in the same way. Read about it here.

Facebook page

There is a Facebook page for Universalis. It has one posting a day, just like the Twitter feed.