Controlling notifications

In the Settings screen, you can set two kinds of notifications:

Android provides a great many settings to let you control whether alerts appear, how they are shown, and how they sound.

Start by opening Android’s own Settings app.

Either select “Notifications”, find Universalis in the list, and tap on its name, or select “Apps”, find Universalis and tap on its name, and then tap on “Notifications”.

Only the alerts you have set up will appear in this list, so you need to set up an alert in the Universalis settings first before you can adjust its properties in the Notifications screen.

Now tap on the name of the kind of notification you want to adjust. For example, if you choose Hour Alerts:

The various settings are reasonably self-explanatory. The one thing to remember is that if you change the sound of an alert from the original sound given to it by Universalis, you can never change it back again. Android has been intentionally designed to behave like this.