Our returns policy

We take a lot of trouble to make sure that Universalis is what you want before you pay for anything. It is less bother for you in the long run, and a lot less bother for us. This is why we offer trial versions of everything, and ask you all those questions before you actually buy a registration code.

We also design registration codes so that they do not add any new features: they just remove a time limit. This means that you know, before you buy a registration code, whether Universalis is suitable for you.

All the same, mistakes are possible.

Cancelling a registration code purchase

If you have just bought a registration code and decide that you shouldn't have, then contact us at once and explain what has happened.

Cancelling an app purchase

We are given no information about app purchases by Apple, Amazon or Google Play, and we have no influence or control over them. We cannot ask them to cancel a purchase. But you can.

Apple, Amazon and Google Play all have their own returns policies. In most cases these are generous and you will be able to cancel a purchase within a reasonable time. The law is on your side anyway. Within the EU, "distance sellers" are obliged to give a refund if you ask for one within 14 days (whatever the seller's web site may say). Other regions may have other rules.

You will find a customer service link close somewhere within the web page or App Store page you used to buy the app. It is usually discreetly placed but it is not actually hidden. If the system asks you for a reason for cancellation, "bought by mistake" is usually the simplest thing to say: they don't want a detailed explanation, just a box to tick.

Our contact details

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Email: universalis@universalis.com