Here is the main window of Universalis. It shows you your chosen hour or page.

The calendar window shows the calendar. It lists days, dates and feasts, and lets you go to any date you like.

You will also want to read about preferences and special commands.

Page display


Button picture The left and right buttons move you back and forward by one day. The Date menu has commands that do the same thing. The numbered button between the arrows will take you to the calendar view.

Button pictureThe control at the top right lets you move from one page to another. The Hour menu lets you do the same thing.

Controlling the text size

To change the size at which the text is displayed, use the View menu.

Options in the text

In the middle of a text page, you will often see a menu button on the right-hand side of the screen. The menu button lets you choose among various options within the page. Depending on which program or app you are using, the menu button will either be a stack of red lines or a blue arrow.

The menus

The Universalis menu contains the Preferences command, which lets you control various aspects of how Universalis works.

The File menu (in the non-App Store version of Universalis only) lets you create e-books for your own use, in ePub or Kindle format. It also lets you select Daily Books to add to your Univesalis pages: you can read more about them here.

The Date menu lets you go to yesterday or today or tomorrow, or to any date of your choice. It is an alternative to the control at the top left of the main Universalis window.

The Hour menu lets you choose which Hour or page to view. It is an alternative to the control at the top right of the main Universalis window.

The View menu lets you choose a larger or smaller text size, or to change the font you are using.

The Window menu lets you open the Calendar window, as an alternative to pressing the numbered button in the control at the top left of the main Universalis window.

The Help menu gives you help and instructions for using Universalis, and also lets you contact us directly in case you have any questions.

Extra content

The “Daily Books” feature allows you to read spiritual and devotional books, divided into daily or weekly instalments, as part of most of the Hours and other pages. Full instructions and explanations are here.

Copying and printing

All the usual Mac commands will work for selecting and copying text. You can highlight a part of the text or use either Edit > Select All or the keystroke Command+A to highlight it all, and you can use either Edit > Copy or the keystroke Command+C to copy it.

To print, copy the text and then open whatever text editing program you like to use – Text Editor, or Pages, or some other word processor – and create a new document and paste the copied text into it using Command+V.